We have so many animals.

We have so many animals.

I like to write. I do this primarily at Taste of Country and for a few regular copywriting clients, but I do other projects as well. I spent five and a half years working in public relations, and now I get to do what I love full time.

For fun, I also write over at Coffee Shoppers where my friend Elizabeth and I judge Nashville coffee shops (we are almost always nice).

If you're looking for a writer or editor, shoot me an e-mail! I'd love to help out. You can view some of my writing samples here.

Other things I like include (but are not limited to): Twitter, Tina Fey, Netflix, Tim Riggins, Nashville (the city, not the show -- though Connie Britton's hair almost makes it worth it), pizza, Katy Perry, classic fiction, s'mores, Mindy Kaling, Disney movies, gifs, and Doctor Who.

I live in Nashville with my husband, our orange cat, Beckett, our recently-added tortie cat, Clara, and our lab-pitbull mix Macy (we might have a problem saying no). We are also foster parents, which means sometimes you will see us with an extra little tribe member or two, which you can read more about here

You can usually find me tweeting too much at @laura_mcclellan.