Today I am resuscitating my blog. Welcome back, blog! I’ve debated on this back and forth. Do I really need to broadcast more of my thoughts to the world? Do I really need more than Twitter and Facebook to accomplish that task?

Well, apparently I do, because I couldn’t stay away. At least not longer than a year.

I’m attributing it to the fact that I really enjoy writing and hopefully not to the fact that I just like to hear myself talk. Or…see myself write. Whatever.

And in true representation of my personality, I’m pretty sure I viewed about 30 different themes before settling on the one I’d had to begin with.

Anyway, Craig and I are trying to cut down on our TV-watching for Lent, so that we can do more productive things like read, play music, not watch 4 episodes of House Hunters… [seriously, what is with that show? Why do I like it so much?]

So that makes more time for blogging, too. And time to do things worth blogging about.

Also, as a side note, I was reading the last few entries of this blog, and one of them introduced the concept of “jeggings.” I am truly saddened to say this trend has not only refused to retreat, it came with full force. Sigh. Friends don’t let friends wear leggings as pants.

Tonight I get to celebrate my dear husband and dear friend Jason’s birthdays with my friends, and I am super excited. Also super excited to eat the cupcakes I am going to bake (from scratch, what up) after I get home from work.

That’s enough for now. From now on my posts will be more focused (probably), but, give me a break, I’m a little rusty. And it’s hard to figure out what kind of insight your first blog post in a year should bestow. Turns out not a ton. See ya bye!