6 Months of Marriage

Today Craig and I have been married for 6 months! Crazy. In honor of that fact, here are some things I love about Craig (in no particular order):

1. He will watch just about anything I want to watch (except Gilmore Girls. it stresses him out.). I think I may have converted him to a Wizards of Waverly Place fan, but that might be a secret.

2. He takes out the trash. Every time. (Score.)

3. He makes me dinner more often than I make it for him, even though no one said he had to. Which is great because now that I work a 9-5, I am pretty much starving by 5:30 (not sure how that happened), so we eat early like old people now.

4. He is super talented. He produces, he plays guitar, he writes songs, he does it all.

5. He loves kids. And he’s better at entertaining them than I am. He’s totally going to be the “fun” parent.

6. He’s a camp person.

7. He understands the concept of “The Valley” and life having gone to the same small school for 12 years, and the effect that has had on my life/personality/flaws (or should I call them quirks?).

8. He likes the corner brownies the best. (I like the innermost brownies the best.) Signs of a meant-to-be-relationship, I tell you.

9. He supports me and encourages me.

10. He doesn’t judge me for listening to Justin Bieber.

Well, there are other things, but those are the ones I just came up with. :) Happy 0.5 year anniversary, Craig! (That counts, ok guys?)