More dirt, please.

Yesterday I began my foray into gardening. Remember how I said I was going to? Well, I actually did it. That’s not entirely true. Yet.

I’ve never grown anything before. As evidenced by the fact that I was 1 bagful of soil and a tomato spiral short of actually planting my mini-garden last night. But hopefully after one more trip to Home Depot I will be well on my way to having vegetables I grew all by myself! Tomorrow there will be pictures.

P.S. For reference in your future gardening endeavors, the 20-something guy with a spanish-speaking accent who works in the nursery part of Home Depot 30 minutes before they close is not always as interested in helping you plant your first garden as you assume they will be. [Like the commercials imply.] Probably why I’m missing 1 bagful of soil and a tomato spiral. In his defense, I didn’t call him back over after the green bean discussion to help with my tomato quandary, so he couldn’t have known about the spiral. But if he had been more helpful with the bean situation [and not thrown me off by contradicting what I’d read online about bean-growing] maybe I would have asked for more help. So there. And yes, I read online about bean-growing. How else do you learn things? Thanks, Internet. None for you, Home Depot Guy.

Happy Wednesday!