Things that have happened, vol. 2

I’m getting so far behind in blogging things I would like to blog about! Here are the highlights: 1. Sunday night we had a going away party for our good friend Jason. I met him because I creepily found him on Facebook my freshman year. But I have a good reason. I had just gotten to Belmont and needed someone to go to a Chasing Victory show with me. But I knew like three people, and I was pretty sure those three people weren’t into Chasing Victory. Enter Facebook. The rest was history.


This is us with Jason at his grad party a week or so ago. We’re clearly just excited to know him.

We will miss him a lot! We played Telephone Pictionary (which we learned from him) one last time and sent him on is way. He’s going back to dumb ol’ Minnesota, but he’s got a cool internship so I guess it’s okay. Hopefully he will return one day. (I mean, who wouldn’t? Basically Nashville is the most alluring city in the country right now, with the stormy weather we’ve been having for a week straight and the serenade [read: screeching] and gentle “hellos” [read: dive-boming kamikaze-style] of the cicadas. Seriously, the rain seems to only provoke them and make them come back with an even more vengeful determination to creep out an entire city.)

2. We made s’mores with the Cartee family, and I would say it was a huge success. We have the privilege of getting to hang out with them a couple times a month, and we love it.



3. My plants are growing so tall! Too bad they haven’t seen sunshine in about 10 days. Please don’t die, little ones…

4. This weekend I am in my first wedding besides my own (and besides being flower girl when I was about 4). One of my best friends from high school is getting married on Saturday! Should be a fun time! Pictures to follow, I’m sure. Happy almost-weekend!