Wedding time

This past weekend was one of my best friends from high school’s wedding! It was my first experience being a bridesmaid, and I’m a fan. It’s fun to be a part of someone else’s day and just be there to support your friend. My sweet husband (who graciously attended with me and read Hunger Games in the hotel room all morning while I was at the church getting ready) and me

Carlin was calm, cool and collected the entire time. Which is more than I can say for myself at my wedding. But I also don’t deal as well with being the center of attention, and well, Carlin has the ability to embrace it. ;-)

The wedding was beautiful and one of the most fun parts was getting to hang out with all my best high school friends in one weekend. I loved being around Noelle, Calli and Carlin all weekend and getting to see a bunch more at the reception. It was really relaxed and just an enjoyable time to celebrate Carlin’s big day!

All my high school friends with the bride

The ceremony was perfect for them because it was relaxed and lighthearted, but still Christ-centered. We got to hear their story from each of their perspectives which was a really unique way to do a ceremony, and I loved it. It got everyone laughing and smiling, which gave the ceremony the feeling of just being together with friends and family and celebrating Carlin and Jordan and the joyful commitment they were making.

Anyway, I really enjoyed being a part of it! Now back to secretly noting ideas for certain friend of mine’s future wedding (since I have no more wedding of my own to plan for) while we patiently await a proposal…wink, wink, nudge, nudge…;-)