Greenville, SC, my new favorite place.

This weekend I finally got to see my husband after two painfully long weeks! After a delayed flight and circling the air above the airport waiting for the storm to pass before we landed (really??), I finally touched down in Greenville, SC and power-walked down to baggage claim to see Craig. We had decided to make a night of it and book a nice hotel and go out to dinner, so we got to our super awesome hotel (see below) around 8:45 or so and almost immediately left to go find a restaurant. (Delayed flight plus time difference = late dinner = hungry McClellans, which you may or may not remember from our honeymoon photos waiting for our 9pm dinner reservation).

We ate at a great hibachi place only a couple blocks down from our hotel in the cutest downtown of all time. The restaurant was very similar to the one we went to in Asheville over Christmas. They don’t cook it right in front of you, but it’s totally worth it because a) it’s cheaper b) no one tries to squirt you with fake condiments, make corny jokes about you or set you ablaze c) you can get soup, salad, shrimp, steak, chicken, veggies and rice for two people for $30 and d) you get your food faster. So we’re fans of the non-cooking-in-front-of-you hibachi places now. We didn’t have to wait to sit down (because it was already 9pm) and we got our food in like 10-15 minutes. Score 1 for hungry McClellans.

We walked around downtown for a little bit - I loved it. They had twinkly lights in the trees, hipsters playing their little hearts out on the corners, lots of fun restaurants…what’s not to like? We got coffee and gelato and then headed back to our super awesome hotel.

We also walked out of our hotel in the morning (read: 9am. the only downside to that hotel was what we considered an early check-out time. it was saturday, ok?) to see main street filled with people and little tent-booths as far as the eye could see, which can only mean one thing: farmer’s market. Score 2 for sleepy McClellans.

This made me happy because I keep wanting to go to a farmer’s market in Nashville (we have a plethora) but I either keep forgetting or when I do set aside a morning to go, it rains. So I made the most of it and got a homemade croissant for pre-breakfast (I say pre-breakfast because we later met someone for real breakfast), homemade salsa and some vegetables which I determined would probably survive the 6 hour drive the next day and still be edible on Monday. The results of which remain to be seen but I will find out later tonight! [Update: I wrote this yesterday, and the results were delicious.]

We ate breakfast at a really cute place called Mary Beth’s with one of Craig’s friends from camp. I had crepes and they were delish. Craig had what I can only assume from his reaction was The Best Egg Sandwich in the World.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Greenville, SC. I guess it’s not that exciting if you’re the go-out-to-bars-and-live-on-the-wild-side type of person, but I’m pretty much the opposite of that type of person so I enjoyed it very much.

The rest of the weekend I got to experience what Craig has experienced 3 months out of his life at this point, which was really cool to be a part of for a short time. We spent a lot of time Saturday night at a really cute coffee shop they have there (also a fan) just talking (not over FaceTime finally), which was probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Cannot wait for him to be back for good!