So lately we have been watching a lot of HGTV. If you’ve ever watched HGTV, chances are you are still watching it. They suck you in by not making you watch credits in between shows. They seriously just start the next show immediately and shove a 1-minute overview in your ear before you can change the channel or turn it off, and soon enough you’re too invested in the featured couple’s jank (soon-to-be-fabulous) rental space or new life in Denmark to just walk way. How will we live if we don’t know what house they pick??? If you must leave, you simply hit “record” and come back to it later for your resolution, then when you turn back to live TV, it’s still set on HGTV, and the cycle starts all over again.

We’re probably just going to turn into design experts through osmosis.


While this is what I would consider a huge step up in terms of adulthood compared to my usual Disney Channel (Wizards of Waverly Place is ending soon so all I will be left with is Good Luck Charlie, which is not a close 2nd), it does come with one downside.

I now expect all houses to be awesome.

If they are not awesome, someone should make it over and it should end up being awesome.

I’m pretty sure when we eventually look for a house in our price range, I will be sorely disappointed.

Especially since now they (read: HGTV; see also: The Man) show us multi-million-dollar vacation homes in Maui that families get to spend a week in. Not helping.

I will say though that I don’t care about having a huge house. And I don’t really care about having stainless steel appliances, or even granite for that matter (though it would be nice). And I actually kind of like carpet (which is apparently not all the rage in design-land). At least in bedrooms if nothing else. But the house must be cute on the outside or it means nothing to me. And that might be a problem.

Anyway, good luck to Craig who will likely have to convince me to get a house that may not be precious enough.

Did I mention that this whole Pinterest ordeal has done nothing but feed this unrealistic image in my head about what a house should look like? Everything is pretty and I want it all in one house.


Last night we sunk to a new low and set up a DVR series recording on Design Star. Seriously? What is happening to us? If you give a moose a House Hunters…