Why I think people get Adele

There’s a lot of noise out there.

People screaming so loud just trying to be heard, as if they are waving their hands wildly in the air, all the while each wearing a crazier outfit than the one before… to be noticed.

But in a weird sort of irony, the one who stands out amongst the chaos is actually one who speaks softly (yet strongly).

I think this is one reason Adele appeals to so many. (Besides her obvious talent musically.)

I recently watched her MTV VMA performance and couldn’t help but notice that her subdued yet powerful and honest performance cut through Chris Brown’s acrobatics, Lady Gaga’s male alter-ego, and the array of flashy dancers accompanying Pit Bull.

Amidst all the noise, Adele just keeps soldiering on, doing what she does day in and day out. I can’t help but think she probably wouldn’t mind if all the fame went away tomorrow. She would keep standing there in front of a mic, wearing a classy black dress and singing her heart out, even if no one was listening.

People resonate with that. I think sometimes there’s so much chaos going on around us that when someone is just standing there singing with a genuine heart, eventually the noise fades out and we stop and listen.

People want to see genuine. They connect with it because it is no longer the norm but it’s something we long for in a world full of mask-wearers (ourselves included).

It goes to show that though it may seem like our culture has just completely checked out when it comes to depth, honesty and truth, people will still respond to those things. We just have to give them the opportunity to hear it.

Why do you think our culture has welcomed Adele amongst the Gagas and the Nikki Minaj’s? [Note: I do think both of these people are still very talented.]