New URL and Blog Makeover

Welcome to my new website! You may or may not know that I'd had it up to here (imagine me with my hand in front of my face) with Tumblr's sass.

Things Tumblr did that made me want to kick it in the shins:

1. It lied to me. Tumblr would frequently say "saving..." when I click "save draft," only to sit there for 5 minutes knowing darn well it is in fact NOT saving my post. I was then forced to copy/paste my post into a new draft and save it again. Apparently if you edit a post for longer than 37 seconds, Tumblr gives up on you and thinks you're not worth its time.

2. It wouldn't let me write in rich text format. This is not entirely true, but when I did switch to rich text format, it wouldn't keep the line breaks in. Therefore, my post came out in one long paragraph. The only way around this was to use the HTML format and manually type "<br>" wherever I wanted to enter down a line. Unnecessary.

3. It didn't post to Twitter in a timely manner. I realize this is in no way an issue of eternal consequence, but, come on. Do what you're supposed to do. Don't make me look like a fool by making me realize you have not posted it, having me post it manually, and then actually posting it 24 hours later. Yes, Tumblr made a fool out of me, and I won't stand for it.

So I have switched to Wordpress, once and for all. I've recently begun making writing a priority, and I want to continue to be consistent in developing my blog and writing regularly. Having my own URL and a more professional setup will be a huge help.

Soon I will have a shiny new header at the top, but for now you will just have to look at my name. I figured it was time to retire the blog title I came up with in high school that featured Taking Back Sunday lyrics. Not that I don't still have a special place in my heart for TBS and own all of their albums...including their most recent release. But I digress.

Stay tuned for new posts at this url (! Easy to remember, right?