Three Things I Know to be True

This post was inspired by another post by Jeff Goins, which you can read here.

Truth is everywhere, but so are lies. I think it's getting easier every day to get tangled in the lies and harder to find the truth within. You may have read about my interest and passion for truth in my recent endeavor into a blog series called "The Truth Sessions."

I read the post mentioned above today and it resonated with me. It asked readers to share their "three things," so here are mine.

Three things I know to be true:

  1. We can't do life without Jesus. Not really. I mean, we can meander through our days without any sort of direction. And that works for some people, maybe. But eventually I think we reach a point where we question why we even exist. What is the point to this thing? Just to be born, live and die? It has to be more than that. I think there's something deep down in our souls that tells us that, and, if we let it, points us to our Creator. Honestly, without Jesus, life would just be sorrow and brokenness---and stop there. With Jesus, there is still sorrow and brokenness in this world. But there's also redemption, rescue and beauty. There's hope. There's something bigger than our little lives and thoughts and aspirations. Without Jesus, this world is all we get. And I don't think any of us are satisfied with that. Which is why we try to find satisfaction in a myriad of things but can't find it. It's why people, advertising and entertainment all chase sex. Because for them, it's literally as good as it gets. With Jesus, there is purpose and hope and grace and love.
  2. All people desire to be loved and known. I mentioned this in my introduction to The Truth Sessions, but I'm mentioning it again because I still think it's one of the truest statements I can come up with. Even people who say they don't need anyone---that it's them against the world---that they don't care if people like them or not---I think they're lying. I can't prove that, of course. But I think there's something in our souls that longs to be loved and known and cared for just as we are. Once again, I think this points to a desire the Lord has put in our souls for an everlasting, unconditional love that only he can provide. But I think a lot of times, the reason people do extreme things is driven by a desire for love or the lack of it. They decide they don't need it. Or they decide to chase it. Or they turn to things that make them not feel anything because it's too hard to face life without it. On the flip side, if they have found it, they have an overarching peace. They can be their truest selves because they are confident in who they are and that they are loved for it.
  3. Words are powerful. Whether they encourage, inspire, cut down or wound. We've reached an interesting point in our culture where people can say everything and nothing all at the same time. By that I mean, the dawn of social media (and texting) has made it easier than ever to say hurtful, harsh or judgmental things with the click of a button, and we never have to actually see the other person's reaction to our words. Whether they initially cry, yell or laugh, we'll never really know. We can pretty much say whatever we want. On the other side, we can say nothing. Political correctness is king. This can be a good thing. It can. I don't want to make it okay to say hurtful things. But I think when even calmly vocalizing a personal belief can be seen as offensive, it can become a problem. All that to say---words are powerful. Be truthful yet kind. Be encouraging. Use the power for good. (I say this to myself as well.)


What are your three things? Feel free to share in the comments, tweet or write a post of your own!

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