Top 5 Harry Potter-isms I Wish Were Real

I have a confession to make. When faced with a minor predicament, a spell from Harry Potter occasionally pops into my head as a possible solution for a split second.

I know. Nerd-tastic. And I haven't even read all the books yet. Imagine who I will have become after I finish them! Scratch that. Don't imagine it.

Seriously...stop that.

Anyway, my hopes are always dashed one second later when I realize not only am I not a wizard, but that magic doesn't even exist. IT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST.


So, since all I am left to do is long for the powers I will surely never have and the chocolate frogs I will never taste, I thought I would share with you the top 5 Harry Potter-isms I wish were real.

1. Accio [the charm to summon objects to your hand]. Number one, easy. No-brainer. I've longed to use this power on more than one occasion. Sure, I suppose it perpetuates laziness. I'd probably only use it to retrieve the remote or my computer when my reach is about a foot too short, but as long as I don't use it for evil, what's the big deal?

Dumbledore would probably say something like I was squandering the magic they worked tirelessly to put into my formerly-muggle hands, and that whole 'with great power comes great responsibility' thing, but hey, I just want to accio my pillow from upstairs whilst I'm lying on the couch. Is that too much to ask? Is Voldemort going to return because of that? I don't think so. He's probably too concerned with coming up with clever tweets about hating Justin Bieber to even notice. Okay, Dumbledore? Geez. Plus I'm pretty sure Voldemort disintegrated in the last movie. So we're good.

2. Hermoine. I just want to be her friend, really. But not the Hermoine in books 1-2. More like the Hermoine in 3+. Post-the frizzy hair and rules-nazi stage. (This is my hypothetical list, so I can be picky.) She's a master at spells, she has a time turner, and she can teach me how to be awesome.

3. Lumos [the spell that creates a light at the end of your wand]. Again,this appeals to my laziness and desire to not have to get up to turn on the light switch, but also appeals to my dislike of complete darkness. So, two birds here. Maybe if  I got a stand for my wand, I could use it as a night light. I'm sure Dumbledore would be shaking his head right now. It's my list, Albus, I'll do what I want.

4. Self-cleaning plates. The more things I list, the lazier I realize I must be. Or practical. That's it. Practical. Anyway, in Harry Potter land, plates magically fill and clear themselves in a matter of seconds. Where's bad?

5. Owl Post. But only if I could have a pretty owl like Hedwig, not like the creepy owl I posted here. What's more fun than getting a real letter in the 21st century? I'll tell you: having a snowy owl soar in through the window and deliver it to you after a magical journey abroad. And having that snowy owl understand you when you speak to it. Though, while I'm requesting things, I'd like to request a slightly less-sassy owl than Hedwig. She's always giving Harry the stink eye for using other owls for his safety or judging Ron's little obnoxious owl. I'm just saying, I need an owl who respects me. That's all.

Basically I just want to go back to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Except without the 100 degree weather and approximately 2.7 billion people.

What are some Harry Potter-isms you wish were real? (Or, if you're not into Harry Potter---sorry to hear that, by the way---something else fictional you wish were real?)