Finish Year Lap 2: Complete

Despite what the tree in full bloom on Wedgewood Ave. would suggest, February has just come to a close. Which I guess also signifies the official end of the winter season, so Nashville, I think we dodged a bullet on that one. I've never just skipped an entire season before. It's a strange feeling. Kind of like we've pulled one over on Mother Nature or something. Maybe she's just getting old. I mean, she's got to be a few thousand years old at least, right? Maybe she's just given up trying. Or maybe it's global warming. Guess we'll find out soon enough. Anyway, with the end of February also comes the [drumroll please]...

end of Lap 2* of Finish Year!

I know, I know. Everybody simmer down.

It also means progress report time! So start crafting your plan for how to stealthily forge your mom's signature (and practicing your speech about how progress reports don't really count for when your stealth inevitably isn't stealthy enough. Moms just know.)

Finish Year Progress Report:

Finish List Item 1: Finish "The Empress" by the end of February. Sigh. This is still in progress. So, technically I didn't meet this goal. But I've written another section that I'm actually pretty proud of and done some editing on the overall story. I need to write probably two, maybe three more sections to wrap it up. Totally fell behind on this one, but I'm getting there. Grade: C

Finish List Item 2: Write an ebook. This goal is still in progress. I have a working draft, but I feel kind of stuck. I need another couple pairs of eyes to give me some feedback. Until then I'm just editing my draft and rearranging things, only to put them back in the order I had to begin with. Grade: B

Finish List Item 3: Finish the Harry Potter Series. On my way! I just finished Goblet of Fire (#4 of 7). It was super long. I'm not gonna lie, 1) it was probably the longest book I've ever read and 2) I'm going to brag about finishing it. It was really good though--stuff got real. Order of the Phoenix is next! Grade: B+ (I probably should have read this faster.)

Finish List Item 4: Read two other books besides Harry Potter. Still working on Harry Potter so--free pass! Grade: A+++

Finish List Item 5: Write guest posts for other blogs (or online publications). I haven't done so well at this. I have a couple ideas and need to sit down and write them. I also need to look for more blogs that would be a good fit for me to guest post on. (If you have a blog you'd like me to guest post on, or know of a blog I might be a good fit for, please let me know in the comments!) Grade: C

Definitely didn't do as well as Lap 1, but that's to be expected, right? Everyone blasts out the gate, then slows down on the 2nd lap. Right? Right?? (I am not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, so I wouldn't really know.)

How's your finish list (or resolution list, or goals list) going so far?

*still a moniker made up entirely by yours truly and not, in fact, a real component of Finish Year