How Tracy Morgan Fixed A Show About Fish Tanks

So, if you didn't know, there's this show called Tanked. In keeping with the true reality show motto of let's-just-tape-everything, it lives among cohorts like Cake Boss and that fail of a show Unpoppables about people who made things out of balloons (spoiler alert: everything still looks like a 4th grade birthday party), following around guys that make fancy fish tanks for a living.

The guys aren't very charismatic and the interviews and banter sound painfully scripted, but they do turn out some pretty impressive things.

Even so, it's guys making fish tanks, so it was still pretty boring.


Enter Tracy Morgan and his disproportionate level of excitement upon meeting these fish tank maker guys.


This video shows Tracy displaying the most energy I've ever seen him display in any setting. It's so ridiculous, it has to be real. I don't know why Tracy Morgan is so hyped about his future fish tank, but watching what is apparently his lifelong dream coming true before our very eyes sounds pretty good to me.

Plus we get to spend valuable moments of our lives trying to guess the age difference between his fiancé and his son (who REALLY is named Tracy Jr., which is just great news). My guess is 8 years.

It gets even better, you guys, because Neil freaking Patrick Harris is in this season as well. They are building a replica of a Houdini escape tank for him, which is perfect due to NPH's quirky yet endearing magic skills. Really, can that guy do anything even slightly less than awesome? I submit that he cannot.

Turns out the only thing this show needed to make it worth watching was celebrities with too much expendable income and a love for small aquatic creatures.

Nevermind the fact that they'll probably have to hire a new staff person for their abodes whose job description will read only "keeper of fish." Better to be the keeper of fish in Tracy Morgan's house than head butler at some unknown rich guy's house, am I right?

What's your favorite lifestyle reality show (i.e. River Monsters, Ace of Cakes, Duck Dynasty, etc.)?