What Kate Gosselin Has Been Doing With Her Time

Photobucket Kate Gosselin (remember her?) is apparently not only still getting work, but still being terrible at it.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this headline:

Kate Gosselin fired from blogging job

Not just any blogging job. A blogging job on a coupon website.

Really? Really, Kate? Blogging is something literally anyone with an internet connection and the ability to string remotely coherent sentences together can do. And yet, here you are.

I've looked into this for nearly a full 30 minutes now, and it seems that she provided tips to the couponing community over at CouponCabin.com.  And those couponers were NOT having it. Any of it. Nearly every comment I saw on her recent posts were berating her for horrible ideas or getting in arguments with other couponers.

Lesson learned: do NOT upset the couponers. They are a very organized group with a lot of passion and apparently expendable time on their hands.

I'm not really sure what CouponCabin's angle was by hiring her in the first place. She only started 11 months ago. She has been the suburban soccer-mom version of Snooki since about 2008. They had plenty of time to see her terribleness play out before this happened. Who were they hoping to win over?

Apparently there were no focus groups during the "research" phase of this marketing strategy.

I do have to hand it to the couponers for forming a virtual angry mob every time she posted, though. The only enjoyable parts of those "articles" were seeing photos of her kids grown up (they are adorable, and they shouldn't be punished for their parents' combined awfulness). Most of it was kind of like watching Lucille Bluth try to figure out how much to pay for a banana except less amusing.

One of her tips was essentially, "have a pool." It saves money on entertainment. Oh, Kate. That's adorable. Not a money-saving tip. Not even a little bit.

Well, no worries. This just frees her up to spend more time hosting cruises. Because she did that, too. Are these companies just hemorrhaging extra money or something? Why else would they let this happen?

Really though, I loved those Gosselin kids. I wish Kate would just shut up, go back to being a nurse (I think that's what she did) and take care of them.

Would you ever take a cruise if you knew Kate Gosselin was hosting it? Why or why not?