Vitamin C: A Former Popstar NOT Failing at Life

Until this very moment you may have long forgotten the fiery-haired popstar known by the moniker "Vitamin C" around the turn of the millennium. You may have erased ol' [SPOILER ALERT] Colleen Fitzpatrick from your mind rolodex because she was taking up valuable space you now need to use to keep all the characters on Downton Abbey straight. Well, move over meaner-looking-MacGonagall,* I'm bringing Vitamin back in.

I recently discovered that not only is Vitamin C still in the biz, but she is actually killing it.


This is Vitamin C's game face.

Here are some things Vitamin C has done right:

1) Wrote songs that are impossible to disassociate with everyday life. Seriously. "Put a smile on your face, make the world a better place?" Could there be any more generic lyrics? She teamed this wisdom up with an unequivocally catchy melody, and bam. It has been in my head for days since I googled it. Not to mention it's the perfect commercial song for like, cleaning products or chocolate or really anything except those ASPCA ads.

But her true feat of songwriting has got to be "Graduation (friends forever)." She wrote a song about GRADUATION and managed to get it on the radio. Genius. For the next 10 years that song was sung by 18-year-old girls all across middle America as other 18-year-old girls swayed and cried.

This song is now considered a landmark among graduation-themed songs (according to Wikipedia). Of which there have to be DOZENS, right?

2) Wrote a song for Hannah Montana. I can only imagine the kind of cash that brings in. It was featured not only on the TV show, but the movie as well. [insert cash register noise here] She also wrote a song for Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato to perform on a Disney Channel Original Movie about a princess under cover, which I appreciate.

3) She is currently the VP of music for Nickelodeon. She oversees it all--including Nickelodeon's sister channels--and handles all the A&R and management of Nickelodeon's artists.

I'm just saying, I wouldn't mind being ol' Vitamin right now. Rather than let that novelty song define her, she just sits around being awesome and watches the cash roll in. You go, Vitamin C. You go.

What song was sung at your high school graduation?

*DISCLAIMER: I have only watched the pilot of Downton Abbey.