Reese's In Pieces Campaign - A Call to Action

I had another post scheduled for today, but sometimes when something tragic happens you have to put everything else aside--yes, even 3rd grade journal entries--to engage in discussions about it. To try to make sense of it all and work through it with others. This is one of those times.

Usually this little blog of mine takes a humorous tone. Usually I highlight the absurdity of weird news stories or criticize celebrities for their insanity (which they totally deserve).

But not today.

No, today is about something serious.

Sunday I found out that Reese Witherspoon had been arrested for interfering with her husband's DUI arrest.

 photo 130421202203-reese-witherspoon-mugshot-horizontal-gallery_zps83715984.jpg

^ Real live mugshot. Of Reese Witherspoon.

I know. Not only is it shocking, but it is disheartening.

This is not the Reese we know and love. This is not the Reese who accepted the 2011 MTV Generation Award*, proclaiming that it is possible to make it in hollywood as a "good girl." This is not the Reese who starred in Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde and other more serious movies I haven't seen because I don't watch serious movies.

This is a warning sign. A cry for help.

Clearly Reese is going through something, and it is in times like these we must stand behind our most respected celebrities and offer our support.

Think about those poor mini-Phillipes and the shame they must feel.

And to top it all off, she was a brunette in her mugshot.

I mean, I'm not dissing brunettes or anything--I obviously am one myself--but for Reese to go brunette I think is a reflection of something darker in her life. Something is wrong, here.

So I'd like to call on you, dear blog readers, to come together with me and raise awareness for the plight of Reese Witherspoon.

Let's get Reese back in good graces. Let's help her shake this unfortunate incident and put her back on her feet. Everyone makes mistakes, and we cannot let this one sully her good name.

This is why today I am launching the Reese's in Pieces campaign.

Reese's in Pieces will not only have an awesomely punny name, but also be a catalyst for the revitalization of her career and restoration of her public reputation. Together, we can help Reese return to being the woman society fell in love with so long ago. We can help Reese put those pieces back together. (See what I did there?)

To donate your time or money to the Reese's in Pieces campaign, please call 1-800-N-PIECES** or e-mail Reese directly with notes of encouragement or chastisement (if you have her e-mail address, please let me know).

Please leave your condolences and/or words of encouragement in the comments and I will be sure to get them to someone who may know someone who may know Reese Witherspoon.

*I would just like to register a complaint that I had to watch a mini documentary masquerading as a Dr. Pepper commercial about Pitbull's rise to fame before watching this video. It was terrible. Then the video didn't even work.

**Please do not try to call this number, as it is 100 percent made up by yours truly.