Impressive People You Should Know About: Ariana Grande

ariana grande

The Internet is flooded with hoards of famous and semi-famous and almost-famous people nowadays. Singers, actors, dubstep dancers---all at varying levels of popularity, which you can now rate objectively and calculate into their worth thanks to youtube views and Instagram likes. Thanks, society!

With all these randos clamoring for your attention, how do you know which ones to pay attention to? Well, I'm here to help.

I do a lot of sifting through the Internet, for better or for worse, and today I'd like to share with you someone I think is worth knowing: Ariana Grande.

Who's Ariana Grande? Glad you asked. [Pretend you asked, okay?]

Ariana Grande [see how I'm using her name multiple times so you don't forget it? It's actually a name-remembering technique for those awkward mingle times at receptions and conferences. You're welcome.] is somewhat of a child star. STAY WITH ME.

It's no secret that I am well versed in the "Just for Kids" section of Netflix and iTunes movies. Before we cut cable (sigh), I watched an inordinate amount of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon for a 24-year-old grown up with no kids. I still watch Phineas and Ferb on Netflix on Saturday mornings SO SUE ME.

Anyway all that to say Ariana was (is?) on a show called Victorious on Nickelodeon, which comes from a family of actually-funny shows created by Dan Schneider (Drake & Josh, iCarly). She played a bright-red-haired ditsy girl named Kat who was actually pretty funny. All the characters went to a performing arts school so (you know where I'm going with this) there was a lot of SINGING on this show. The one time I heard her sing it was like daaaaang girl! And that was how I gradually fell into the rabbit hole of her youtube videos.

What I found out was she is fantastic.

Her voice is just...what-the-what kind of good, and it turns out she has quite the following on the youtubes, which is why you probably haven't heard of her. Does anyone actually follow people on youtube besides thirteen year olds?

Anyway, to give you basically a Cliffs Notes version of Ariana's DEAL, here are a few fun facts for you:

1) She did a duet with MIKA sampling the "Popular" song from Wicked, and it is one of the catchiest things you've ever heard. The video is pretty cute, too:

2) She can do impressions of famous singers, including Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Jessie J. Be entertained:

3) She covered Mariah Carey recently and ARE WE SURE THEY AREN'T THE SAME PERSON? I mean Mariah is rolling in the Benjamins, right? She could have paid some biologists a wheelbarrow full of money to clone some of her DNA 18 years ago because who knew she would ever settle down with a former Nickelodeon star (COINCIDENCE?) turned C-list host and have twins with him? She had to keep that voice alive. I'm just saying, it could've happened. Decide for yourself:

4) Here is her brand-new single and it's basically just Mariah again but who is really going to be mad about it?

5) Last but not least, she covered my main man Biebs and it was also delightful. Plus we're beginning to need a replacement now that the Biebs is a walking disappointment. GET IT TOGETHER, MAN.

Try to tell me you're not impressed.

Then try to refocus on work and not watch youtube videos all day. Godspeed.

What was your favorite impression?