Tales from a 3rd Grade Journal: Vol. 3

3rd grade first day

Workin' it on the first day of school

It's time for another exciting episode of Tales from a 3rd Grade Journal (Journal…Journal…)! The only blog series that provides you with profound insight into the mind of an eight year old in small town Alabama in the 90's. [read the past two volumes here: Vol. 1  Vol. 2]

This week's featured entries include some thrilling life milestones like puppies and hugging football players along with a rare glimpse into the heart of a bitter feud between friends. Let's dive in.


Dear Journal,

Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before that we got a new puppy. We named it Molly. I'm listening to a mini boom box. It's my mom's. I spent the night with Katie last Friday. Today I hugged [redacted]. ^Also Today the football team is (well did) leave-ing to go play Pickins. Take State! [redacted] is my favorite football player and is also going to graguate from highschool. I'm going to miss him! Don't tell anybody but I don't like alot of attention when I get hurt. --> [insert page turn here]

Also don't tell about [redacted] liking [redacted]. Since I've moved, I've had a few best friends, here they are: [lots of names that I should probably redact because I'm facebook friends with them and people might get offended if their names aren't on this prestigious and exclusive list].

Emma and I have a lot of fun together. We play B.B.'s (which are Barbes.) and do a lot of stuff together. Thanksgiving is also coming up and Nany & Papa are coming. I better go now. Bye!

Love, Laura

12/13/96 almost x-mas

Dear Journal,

Today I lost [redacted]. She said that she was not my friend anymore. I said "I don't care!"

I don't like anybody in my class. (of course I'm talking about boys). [redacted] is a pain. He bugs everybody. (He's a little bit fat.)

We have a class play coming up. It's called "a visit from Santa". (the night before X-mas.)

Gotta Go!


Love, Laura

P.S. Nerdettes alwasas stick together!

EDITOR'S NOTES: Okay in my defense, this kid was THE worst. But I still feel a little bad about writing that. It was a journal, okay? Don't judge me. It was a different time. Also it should be noted that all the words in bold here are highlighted in pink highlighter. I think it's safe to say someone gave me my own highlighter for the first time that day. I think calling my friends and myself "nerdettes" was my first attempt at self-deprecating humor. Maybe.


Dear Journal,

I have no worthly idea why, but [redacted] is not my friend because I'm a goofball. Uh, isn't that stupid? It doesn't make any sence. She used to be one of my Best Freinds!! Well I say Good Reddence! Ya know, I don't think she really likes me. Oh well,

Bye! Love, Laura

EDITOR'S NOTES: Y'know, 8-year-old Laura, I think you might be on to something. And again with the highlighter.

Befriend goofballs, everyone. We have feelings, too.