Connie Britton, U.N. Ambassador (Or: "OMG YES")



I found out a couple weeks ago that Connie Britton is going to be a United Nations goodwill ambassador.

For once, yes. If anyone is going to be the one American on a list of 10 celebrity UN goodwill ambassadors from around the world, there is no one better than Connie Britton. A person representing us on a global stage we can actually be proud of. Not Dennis Rodman, self-proclaimed ambassador to North Korea aka Kim Jong Un’s new BFF. Connie Britton. Connie “The most beautiful hair on the planet can I please touch it just once” Britton. THE Tami Taylor. Mrs. Coach.

I, for one, fully support this. I’d like to request that she speak in a southern accent when she does so, because it throws me off when I hear her use her boring REGULAR accent, but y’know, I guess she can do whatever she feels is right for the nations. Maybe just call people “y’all” every once in a while is all I’m saying. They’ll be putty in your hands.

Seriously. If Connie Britton went out to places like Syria or the Crimean peninsula and stood between the two opposing sides and just said “Come on, y’all. You’re better than this,” I don’t think we’d have any more wars. Actually, if you brought in Kyle Chandler aka Coach Taylor after that to give them a speech about character and what being a man really is, I think everyone would just go home. And maybe form an American football team.

Iran getting touchy? Send in Connie. Putin being crazypants? Get Connie on a plane. It’s a valid suggestion, you have to admit.

Anyway, in conclusion, Tami Taylor 4 President 2016. (To be clear, I would require that she run as the character of Tami Taylor. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.)

What do you think of this decision? Who else do you think would be a great U.N. goodwill ambassador?