One Second Everyday

I unashamedly stole everything about this video and blog post from my friend Elizabeth. She introduced me to this app last year called One Second Everyday (the lack of space between "every" and "day" is intentional, according to the app, to provide a play on words celebrating the ordinary...for those fellow grammar nerds who find it annoying, like me).

Basically, it's simple. You film one second of every day, and it compiles it for you. You are not allowed to use clips from other days, so if you forget, tough. You are allowed to put in a photo and/or caption, though, so most of the days I forgot just say something obnoxious like "oops" or "gah." 

I kind of forgot about it for a while because the app was being glitchy and I couldn't export the video, but when Elizabeth posted hers the other day, it motivated me to finish compiling and uploading it. I started on my 26th birthday (June 25, 2014) and ended on my 27th (another idea I stole from Elizabeth). Even though it was super annoying to have to keep up with, I'm glad I did it. It made me nostalgic to watch it back.

Maybe I'll do it again sometime. Maybe starting New Year's? Who knows. For now, please enjoy this compilation of my mostly-boring but sometimes-interesting life.