chevy chase

To Chevy Chase, With Contempt

Really, Chevy Chase? Really? You're choosing NOW to leave Community?

The nerd-tastic cult comedy is already on its last leg, likely to only last through the spring, and you're backing out now?

Dan Harmon's gone. You've already shot almost all of the episodes for this season. Two of which are Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed, which are now having to air in the spring (never a great sign).

At this point, just ride it out, dude.

You might as well not turn the few people who still value your presence against you. Everyone already knows you're terrible to work with. It's not like people are beating down the door to have you on their show.

You're great and all, but I don't think you're in a position to call the shots anymore.

I don't really care as an audience member if you leave; I'm really just thinking of you, here.

It's just a shame that the cast couldn't stay intact for FOUR whole seasons. (Three and a half, I guess, but who's counting?) Kind of how it's a shame when couples who have been married for like 40 years get a divorce, y'know? Come on guys. You've made it this far.

I'm just saying. In a year or so you'd be set free from the show anyway, so you might as well not make a big thing out of it.

What ever happened to people just doing their work and going home?

Geez. You do one movie with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and you think you're big time or something.

I'm getting off track.

What I'm trying to say is, I really think this is a waste of everyone's time and effort. Just get back on that horse, play nice with the new showrunners for six months, and be a good sport about the whole thing. Stop acting like this show is some great injustice to be a part of and you're not getting the respect you deserve. You're on TV every once in a while on the last-place network, okay? How about a "thank you?" Talk about no respect.

Do you think Chevy should've ridden it out or is he justified in this?