Quitting Revolution


Consider this my resignation from watching Revolution. I've watched about six episodes, and I'm done.

It's not that it's a terrible show. Really. It's actually a pretty decent show if you ignore the female lead and her complete lack of enjoyable qualities and/or facial expressions.

It's just that I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Not in the way that I cannot handle Friday Night Lights. Because by that I mean I can't handle the amount of positive emotions and just emotional emotions I feel towards it. And it's totally worth it.

But this is something different entirely.

It's the polar opposite of North Korea, meaning Everything is Terrible All The Time Always. (hashtag 30 rock reference)

Seriously. If they're not on the run from ruthless militia, they're trying to avoid being killed by random passersby or people with grudges against Miles.

It's constantly people being pushed to do terrible things out of desperation, like having to choose between shooting your friend or both being killed, and I hate it.

The most disturbing aspect to me is that in theory, this is feasible.

I mean, okay, what are the odds that something would kill all the power on the planet (and, inexplicably, other things that didn't run on electricity in the first place, like basically all modes of transportation).

But, let's say it did. The resulting society depicted in Revolution could totally happen, assuming everyone was pushed to their limits in order to survive and/or provide for their family.

It's even MORE depressing when you learn more of the characters' backstories because it humanizes them and makes it even more believable that they acted out of desperation and are now killing people without hesitation essentially so that they are one of the killers not the killed. It genuinely frightens me to think about. Plus I'm REALLY bad at knowing when people are bluffing, which would be a total liability in this scenario.


No one is trustworthy in the entire show, except the guy who used to work for Google. And maybe Nora. I don't know. Jury's still out on that one. Even the guy who was part of The Resistance (who I assumed were the noble ones) near-fatally wounded Nora just because he wanted to avenge his wife and she got in the way.

They already killed off one of the main characters, which makes me think that 1) anyone could go at any second, because, let's face it, their lives are in danger 99.9 percent of the time and therefore 2) why am I investing in these people?

The 15% plot movement strung throughout the show to find out why the power was shut off is not worth the emotional trauma for my fragile heart.

And you may be far stronger than me, fellow viewer, but I for one can. not. handle. it.

Have you watched Revolution? What do you think?