The world we live in (and other news)

Here are some things that explain the kind of world we live in: 1. I am now following the Bronx Zoo Cobra on Twitter.

2. “Gal swallowed by backyard sinkhole” - CNN. Need I say more?

In other news, I’m so proud of my husband! He did a fantastic remix of a Hanson song (they’re good now, if you haven’t heard), and it’s by far the best one submitted. We think the first-place person is cheating. Seriously. Go listen to it. Also she has about 100 facebook friends and 1100 votes. Hm.. :) Not that I looked her up or anything.

Anyway. Taylor Hanson said it was his favorite so no matter what at least we know they heard it and liked it.

If you’ve already voted for his remix, thank you!! If you haven’t, get thee over to the contest page and click “vote!” That’s all you have to do. Just click “vote.”