April means goal-assessment

It’s officially April. Here are the things I have crossed off my to do list for 2011: 1. Finish a book. (one of two. bite-sized goals, remember?)

that’s it.


Here are some things I still want to do (and fully intend on completing):

1. learn three songs on my neglected mandolin. (I WILL learn to play it. I will!)

2. finish another book.

3. grow vegetables. yes, grow vegetables. This is a new desire of mine after reading this blog by a girl who eats far too healthy (tofu and chickpeas anyone? boo.). Though this blog continually makes me feel like I’m failing at life if I don’t immediately go buy some kale (it’s apparently all the rage) or run 8 miles, I still find it interesting, and I saw one post in which she had grown her own tomatoes. In a cooler. I thought, hey, I have room enough for a cooler in our super-mini backyard. I could grow vegetables. This may be far too lofty of a goal, particularly if you consider the fact that I have no plant- (let alone vegetable) growing experience. But hey, how hard can it be, right? I just think it would be really cool to start with a seedling and end up with food!

This sounds like a summertime goal, so I think that is when I will start. Maybe May. I think vegetables grow best in warm weather. That seems right. (Once again, first-time grower here.) I think my first-ever homegrown vegetable adventure will start with cherry tomatoes and green beans. I love both, and the internet (and Real Simple) tells me it can’t be that hard or require that much space. At least not the tomatoes. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyway. Maybe I should go practice my mandolin. My sweet husband is up in our music room/office just working away and I’ve been watching House Hunters for an hour and a half.