Halfway to a Career in Hip-Hop (Plus Free Ice Cream)

As fate would have it, I have already begun my foray into hip-hop dance. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration.

What that really means is I played with a Kinect for the first time on Saturday and attempted to learn two dances from a cool-kid avatar that said things like, “that’s tight!” and “yeahhhh that one’s tricky, we’ll come back to that.” (I’ll let you guess which phrase I heard more frequently.)

Craig and I went over to my friend Nicole’s boyfriend JL’s house and danced the night away. Well, dance-tutorial’d our night away.

Dance terms I learned:

the “boop boop”

the “torch” aka the fist pump. (I mastered this one.)

the “chill” (basically just snapping with one hand while looking cool)

the “nudgie”

among many, many more. I’m pretty sure these are all fictional terms and not actually used in the hip-hop community, but really, how would I know? (Please enlighten me in the comments if you are more in-tune with this terminology.)

Playing on the easiest difficulty means that the aforementioned cool-kid avatar will lazily do the side-step for 8 bars while you try to figure out which foot to move first, all the while staring at you with what I could only assume was a bored, patronizing expression on his face. Though to be fair, I couldn’t really tell due to the fact that his hoodie was obstructing most of his vision (see below.).

Though my favorite part was probably watching Nicole do Soulja Boy. All the way through.

Also this weekend Craig and I got free ice cream at Pied Piper Creamery in East Nash. Being newlyweds on a budget, we more than welcomed this deal from ScoutMob. If you don’t have this app on your phone and you live in Nashville (or any other semi-large city), get it. It has restaurants and stores actual locals want to go to instead of the plethora of laser-hair removal services Groupon throws at you daily.

Flavor I got: Mocha Chocolatta Ya Ya. (Yes, they went there.) Coffee ice cream with brownies and chocolate ribbon. (drool.)

It was so delicious. And even though it was free, they definitely did not skimp on the 1 scoop. If you haven’t been to Pied Piper, go try it. (There’s also one in Berry Hill about .5 miles from our house but they aren’t open very late. Know that the East Nash location is actually open later than the website says.)

Done with the Pied Piper/ScoutMob plug. Off to practice the “nudgie.”