A Love Letter to Fall

It seems all is right with the world when Fall rolls in. It’s a (very) short season, almost gone as soon as it begins (thanks for nothing, South.) but it’s easily my favorite. The temperature is perfect, the air is crisp and refreshing, and I echo my husband’s sentiments when I say that it seems like I can just feel God’s spirit renewing my soul when outside in the Fall.

Things I am looking forward to about Fall:

1) Pumpkin-flavored things. Pinterest has been no help in this area. Pumpkin-flavored treats abound. Bring it on. My bright red Kitchen-Aid mixer needs some things to mix.

2) Anniversary. I am so glad we decided to get married in the fall. What a perfect season to get married in. It just adds to all the joys fall already brings. I’m so excited to take a long weekend trip to Chattanooga to celebrate!

3) Clothes. Fall attire is the BEST. You can pretty much wear whatever you want because the temperature is so perfect, but I always welcome the shift from shorts (ugh) to jeans and boots (yay). Plus, I don’t have to sweat while wearing the unnecessary scarves that I use as an attempt to make an outfit out of a v-neck t-shirt and jeans (double-yay). Fun fact: I love scarves.

4) Caramel apples. ‘nough said.

5) Farm-related festivities. Is there anything better than reliving your childhood by going to a pumpkin farm to pick out the best pumpkin to carve and eating the aforementioned caramel apples, all the while taking in the smell of the leaves and hay bales (there is inevitably a hayride)? I submit that there is not.

6) Football. Now, if you know me, you may be surprised to even see that this made the list. But over the last couple years I have grown to understand (don’t judge) and actually enjoy watching football. It doesn’t hurt that last year Auburn was awesome. And that eating lots of chips and drinking lots of Diet Coke is totally acceptable while watching football. Seeing as I usually have nothing to do on Saturdays nowadays, I am excited to get to watch most of the Auburn games! War Eagle!

Can it be Fall all the time? Maybe we should eventually move to Vermont. I feel like it’s probably Fall the time there. What’s that? That would be meteorologically impossible? Fair enough. And high-five on using “meteorologically” in a sentence. (By the way, I googled “Fall in Vermont” and the picture above is what came up. Amazing.)

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?