DIY Update

Apparently my misadventures with Round 1 of my DIY project were enough to deter me two weeks until moving on to Round 2. Round 2 included sanding the shelf (a previously mentioned oversight from Round 1) and priming the bookshelf.



[Note: the tutorial I am using said it’s okay if some of the wood shows through. Also you can’t really see the top or sides which look a lot more primed than the inside due to the fact that I’m pretty sure that part is just plywood.]

Round 3 will be painting the bookshelf white, and Round 4 will be the glaze.

Keeping in mind the recent discovery that I am the world’s slowest DIY-er, my projected time-frame for my bookshelf to be complete is likely November. Also I am now realizing that by then the weather will probably be too cold to go outside and paint, so I pretty much have to finish it before that happens.

I didn’t have very many interesting things and/or mishaps take place while I primed the bookshelf, so this is a short post. Here’s hoping I run into some speedbumps on the next round so I have more things to write (I am only half-hoping this, as running into speedbumps may make a better story, but it makes the process take twice as long. And let’s face it, I’m racing mother nature here.).