Why Newt Gingrich Should Consider the Mic Drop

Let's be real. I don't really care about politics. I know I should. I know that what happens this fall could potentially change my life in some way. But I still struggle to care.

I think it's because I never know if politicians truly mean what they say or not. And that bothers me. Also, a hoard of people standing behind a guy every time he addresses an audience like an overly encouraging entourage, clapping and nodding to everything the person says makes the adolescent inside me want to roll my eyes a little bit.

But I've thought about this.

What would convince me they believe in what they are saying? Or at least make it worth watching?

A mic drop.


Is there really anything more B.A. than a mic drop? Okay, don't answer that.But I would pay good money to see a candidate make what they feel is their most solid point, stick their fist out, drop the mic, and walk way.

Would you not involuntarily erupt in applause at the sheer "oh, snap" factor? (That's a thing. Look it up.) It'd be like a one-sided rap battle. Except with no breakdancing. (Which, by the way, I would also pay good money to see a candidate fit into their speech.)

Plus, if it were me, and my name was already Newt, I'd just have it double as my rap name and go all in. NEWT. The Newtster. In your face. Comin' atcha. Something to consider. (If Newt's intern happens to be reading this thanks to a Google Alert, I'd like to also suggest a flat brimmed neon hat worn sideways to complete the image I'm imagining.)

Now, once one candidate discovered the undeniable impact of the mic drop, I'm afraid they'd all try it, and then the abundance of mic drops would cheapen the effect. But until that happens, I maintain it could make politics a lot more interesting.

Why stop at politics? Here are some other scenarios in which I think a mic drop would enhance the moment:

A J.K. Rowling book signing. (I just want to see her do that.)

A national spelling bee championship.

An acceptance speech for "Most Predictable" at a company-wide award ceremony.

After a kindergartener's solo in the Christmas concert.

An inspirational speech after landing on the moon. (This, of course, would be symbolic, considering the mic would not be projecting any sound, and, well, there has to be enough gravity for the mic to actually drop. But I think the sentiment would be the same.)

Have you had any experiences that you think would have been enhanced by a mic drop?

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