A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words: Glitter Bomb

Background: Apparently Occupy-ers in D.C. protested a gathering of this group called The Alfalfa club by utilizing the highly refined and well-respected tactic called the "glitter bomb." (Really? Is there anything more harmless and unthreatening than glitter? The most you're going to inflict upon them is the minor inconvenience of the fact that glitter can survive nuclear war and will continue to appear on their feet and on their kitchen floor for years to come.) I doubt this protest accomplished much, but what it did do is create what is quite possibly my new favorite photo of all time:



The juxtaposition of this man's clearly-unamused face and the fact that he is covered in multi-colored glitter is almost too good to be true.

Which brings me to possible captions:

  • "I'm too old for this stuff."
  • "I'm going to kill Bob for making me take his shift tonight."
  • "I swore to myself I would never get involved with glitter again after I quit crafts for good 17 years ago."
  • "Damn kids and their hoopla."
  • "Now imma have to go to the dry cleaners after work tomorrow."
  • "Carl Winslow never had to put up with this crap."

Please feel free to join in! What caption would you put with this picture?