will.i.am serenades Martians because he can

In case you haven't heard, will.i.am wrote a song about space and broadcast it on Mars and then broadcast it back to Earth. Yep, that happened.

Why? Because this is America, dang it. And we don't just premiere autotuned PSA's to inspire kids to be scientists. We premiere autotuned PSA's to inspire kids to be scientists...on MARS.

So, your move, China. (Or whoever our rival is at this point. I feel like it's China.)

Ha, just kidding. That's adorable. It's not like you even HAVE a mohawk guy to press "play."

Watch the video to see NASA nerds (I mean that in the endearing way) sway awkwardly while they listen to will.i.am at Space Command (which is what I choose to call the NASA control room). In their defense, it's like watching someone watch a movie or listen to a recording of themselves. It's not really a fair situation.

Who do you think should be the first to perform on Mars? We're thinking big here, people.