"I Make My Own Underwear." [Things You Don't Want to Hear]


Yep, that's a guy. He made his own underwear that day. Aww.

The Pinterest revolution has brought with it myriads of terrible ideas, some almost unfathomable. (For examples, please see "Pinterest, You Are Drunk.")

I often don't understand the point of making something when it is not a) cheaper b) easier or c) saving baby seals. If I have to buy 25 ingredients to make my own soap, no thanks. I will pay Suave $1 to make it for me.

This is how I feel about this workshop on making your own underwear (via Make). Yep, underwear.

Did you know underwear can be as cheap as $3 a package if you are really on a budget? Did you also know this class costs $100 plus a $20 fee for supplies?

I don't trust myself to make a skirt, which could essentially be just elastic and fabric, let alone underwear with seams and multiple holes and different-colored trim.

Plus something about the sentence "I make my own underwear" leads me to believe that person also lives in a tree in Asheville with little to no laundry detergent or inhibitions.

Sure, in actuality it's just sewing, which is a normal hobby. But "making your own underwear" sounds somehow less sanitary than buying it. It sounds like you're fashioning it out of whatever burlap you have lying around or something.

So does this pass the test? Is it a) cheaper? No.

Is it b) easier? Resounding no.

Does it c) save baby seals? Not unless those baby seals are being taken captive by Victoria's Secret.

Plus, it makes your hygiene sound iffy at best.

In conclusion, making your own underwear sounds like a glorious waste of time. Seriously, go read a book or something if you have that much time on your hands.

No one should have enough free time that they choose to spend it on making underwear. No one.

Have you ever made your own clothes? Does making your own underwear sound as weird to you as it does to me?


EDIT: Whilst perusing Pinterest, You Are Drunk today I discovered that making underwear is actually one of the posts. I rest my case. Click here to see.

EDIT NUMERO DOS: Note how nowhere in this post (except right here) will you read the word "panty," despite the fact that the workshop title includes it. I stand by that decision. As does every self-respecting woman.