Hey Girl, Happy Balumtine'th Day

In honor of Valentine's day (and also stealing ideas from other blogs I read), I present you with my very own Hey Girl photo, featuring my husband, Craig:  



Those bowls ARE awesome. So sweet of him to notice.

Happy Balumtine'th Day everyone!




BEYONCE NEWS briefs for anyone who cares:

1) Her documentary "Life Is But A Dream" will premiere on HBO this Saturday night. Please tape it for me if you have HBO. (What? No one owns a VCR or uses the phrase "tape it" anymore? 2013's got nothing on 1996.) You can rest assured I will be exhausting all my resources (and friends who are tired of me mooching off their DVR) to ensure I get to see this thing.

2) Our favorite diva songstress is gracing our city with her presence come July, and thanks to the fact that I qualified for a presale and have a birthday in June I've already cashed in my present for, we will officially be there, y'all. And this time I won't even be on the very last row sitting against the wall like we were for T-swizzle. No no, my friend. Section 105, sucka. Let the countdown begin.


What are you doing for Valentine's Day? (Or how are you boycotting it?)