Jennifer Lawrence for President


By now we can all agree that Jennifer Lawrence is the best person to have ever gotten famous, right?

I think it's undeniable at this point. All the Oscars did was provide her an even bigger platform to be awesome.

[I'd also like to point out, as a side note, that she is 22 and Adele is 24. I just...I don't even know what to do with that. Except rock back and forth and re-evaluate what I'm doing with my life.]

I think the thing we admire about her most is her frank honesty. She says what everyone else is thinking and would say if they felt like it was "okay" to do so. Instead they just suck it in, smile and tell everyone what designer made their dress and go practice their golf clap for the award ceremony.

At something like the Oscars, people expect you to be poised and graceful and fancy. Jennifer Lawrence, like most celebrities, is not poised and graceful and fancy in real life, so she doesn't try to be. Thats what I love.

The Oscars, to me, just looks like a bunch of celebrities--a group not usually known by their class--trying to hold it all together and pretend be classier than they actually are for one night a year. All of a sudden it's like Ben Affleck was never in Gigli and Amanda Seyfried DIDN'T play a girl who tried to predict the weather with her breasts in Mean Girls.

But I guess they're actors so they can do that. They get paid to pretend. Grammys on the other hand get Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift. I mean come on. (To be fair they tried to class it up this year by implementing a dress code, but as we all know Katy Perry saw that more as a suggestion and all was for naught.)

Anyway. What I love about Jennifer Lawrence is she shatters all of that.

She breaks the 4th wall constantly. When everyone else is trying to maintain a false sense of propriety, Jennifer is just like, "Uh guys what are we doing here. Just cut the crap and be normal."

Exhibit A:

When the press asks her what happened when she fell down, her response was essentially, "What do you mean what happened? I tried to walk up stairs in this dress. And they wax the stairs."

When they ask her if she thinks it's a good thing that she's so successful already at 22, she says "I hope so! I mean...I guess we'll see!" and then the jerk goes on to say "you're not worried that you peaked too soon?" and she says "Well NOW I am! God..."

Just the best.

I love that her frank answers to the dumb questions totally unravel them for the dumb questions they are.

She ignores the nonsense diplomatic approach celebrities usually try to employ and just answers like a normal person.

Jennifer Lawrence: the only normal person in Hollywood.

And that's why we all love her. Plus she gets to be called JLaw, which is pretty cool.

You can see more of her being awesome in this compilation of gifs and pictures from the Oscars.

What was your favorite JLaw moment?