Hot Air Balloons: Magical Joyride or Floating Death Trap of Death?

Hey guess what guys, cancel your proposal plans and your children's dreams, because hot air ballooning is no longer safe. I KNOW I KNOW.

The cutest mode of transportation to ever have been invented, and it's ruined.

You may not have heard about this because it is possibly the most depressing thing I've ever read. Nothing about hot air ballooning is supposed to be unnerving.

I mean sure, you're floating above the earth in a basket the size of a scrabble tile being suspended by only a giant balloon, but it's ADORABLE.

You are literally floating in a colorful balloon, I assume in the arms of your true love. Or just a rich guy who can afford extravagant first dates. Or the bachelor.

These things should not be allowed to literally crash and burn. They should be a metaphor for love and joy and childhood and that is it.

I mean look at this photo my friend Jess* took in Turkey:


Hot air balloons are magical and should not be associated with death.

That's why I find this story of 19 people dying in a hot air balloon crash in Egypt so cruel and ironic. NOT COOL, universe.

No one should die in a hot air balloon accident. Get comically caught in a tree? Sure. Fall out three feet above the ground before they even untie the ropes? Fine. But die? Absolutely not.

What are we supposed to tell the guy from Up? Like all of a sudden balloons aren't a reliable mode of transportation anymore? Gah.

This is a real quote from the article:

"By Tuesday afternoon, the number of dead had climbed to 19, making it the world's deadliest hot air balloon accident in at least 20 years."

World's Deadliest Hot Air Balloon Accident? Which implies there have been several other deadly hot air balloon accidents? This is an outrage.

Why is no one warning us about the dangers of hot air balloons? Why are they not emblazoned with skulls and crossbones and "enter at your own risk" and "seriously people die doing this"? They shouldn't be decorated like beach balls if they're actually floating death traps.

I'm just saying they should be more upfront about their dangers instead of projecting this air of enchantment and beauty.

Now, I've never been in a hot air balloon, but I'm thinking maybe now I never will. I'm slightly afraid of heights (more just falling from them), so it was iffy beforehand anyway.

I'll just watch the rest of you daredevils from afar. Godspeed.

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? If not, would you now?

*Jess has a cool lifestyle/travel/fashion blog and you should follow it. :) She also obviously takes great photos.