Reality Shows We Would Actually Watch


Because I am galavanting around the deep south and our nation's capital doing work-type things all week, today's post comes from my Internet-pal-turned-real-life-pal Elizabeth Hyndman. She's a great writer and regularly gives back to the community by helping us with our small talk skills on Mondays, sharing things she likes on Tuesdays, and on Fridays introducing us to the greatest videos to ever exist. She also makes me feel better about being so invested in The Bachelor knowing I'm not the only one. You should read her blog and follow her on Twitter.

...And say nice things about her in the comments because she is saving you from reading a post consisting only of a video of a little girl explaining world war 2 (pretty much my go-to feel-good video).

[the above is what we currently have on reality TV--for reference]

America. Listen. I don't know if you're aware of this, but we will now watch pretty much anything on TV.

We will watch people drive trucks across ice. We will watch rednecks do redneck things. We will watch people cook, people sing, people dance, people sew, paint, put tattoos on each other, have 19 children. And lately, we will even watch celebrities learn to high dive and regular people compete for ordinary jobs.

I would judge, but I've spent way too many hours this year watching and talking about 25 women competing for the love of one man.

So, I'm going to take the if-I-can't-beat-'em-join-'em approach and pitch a few show ideas. Hollywood, some of these are actually good. TLC, you can find my contact information on my blog (#ShamelessPlug).

1. The People of People Really, any big magazine will work, I just thought The People of People was a good working title. You combine celebrities, journalists, photographers, fashion, and the fast-pace of a weekly deadline, and you have a show. This might be my favorite show that's not on television.

2. Airport I can see this going three ways. One, it's a somewhat-scripted show about the people working at the airport. We get insight to the drama that is being a TSA employee, a pilot, a flight attendant, etc. They all see crazy stuff. It would be fascinating.

Two, you turn it into a game show. You take footage of the airport and have people play those classic people-watching games: What's Their Relationship, Man or Woman, Read Their Lips, Where's Waldo?, and so on. People win vacations if they're correct.

Third, you could just play footage of the airport. Like, an entire channel of television just switches from cameras located in the baggage claim, the gates, and the security line. I'd watch it.

3. Small Town Diner You know those old diners that everyone eats at in the movies? The kind with truckers, and regulars, and waitresses that call everyone Hon' and offer them pie? Find one of those and film it.

4. A Church I work in a church and trust me: reality. show. gold. The drama. The comedy. The cast of unusual people. The church has it all. Plus, reality shows love Christians (Duggars, Duck Dynasty, Rev Run, etc.).

5. Behind the Scenes of a Reality Show This is kind of meta, but I really want to get to know the people who work on reality shows. I mean, the camera men that follow these families around, missing their own Christmases to film other people's, hanging out with Sean in the shower, going on those whale-hunting trips. It's a dangerous job, and they deserve credit. Really, the entire reality show process is fascinating, and I'd love to see how it all works.

So, there are five pitches for you, TV executives. Just have your people call my...iPhone and we'll figure something out.

Do you have any ideas for a reality show? Which of these would you be most likely to watch?