My Podcast Debut (And It's About FRIENDS, You Guys)


In case you missed it on Friday, I had my podcast debut last week!

The nice people over at Xtra Bacon let me come on their podcast and talk about a potential FRIENDS reunion. (I KNOW I KNOW it's not happening cool, okay??)

It was so much fun to record. I love talking to other people who care an inordinate amount about TV like I do. Hopefully I will get to do another one sometime soon.

In this episode, we discuss who should play Emma, immortal monkeys, and how Ross is kind of the worst.

Click here to listen!

And if you want to subscribe to Xtra Bacon (which you totally should because they have lots of other great podcasts), just search "Xtra Bacon" on iTunes.

If you like it, please say nice things about it either on this page or on Twitter (mention @xbpod) or on Xtra Bacon's site so that 1) my self-esteem will not plummet and 2) they won't regret having me on.

Hope you enjoy!